Earlier this year I was asked to contribute some work to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Gdansk International Shakespeare Festival (GSF).

I can't remember how many photos I sent over from my five creative years working in Gdansk - as usual I was working on lots of projects at the same time - but I count around 20 here.

The portraits on the roof are by my friend and excellent portrait photographer RafaƂ Placek. My work is mostly hanging in the courtyard in long vertical strips (including an unkempt Malvolio portrayed by Tim Crouch, who I went on to work with at the National Theatre) but is also liberally scattered throughout the exhibition.

Oh, and the display with the guy blowing on the torch (Brian Abbott) is from Winter's Tale by Parrabbola, who I have worked with quite a few time since then.

Looking back, I had five creative and exhilarating years at GSF and it was an amazing introduction to photographing theatre.

Curator and exhibition photographer: Tomek Zerek

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